The PSE Service center is a 300,000-square foot facility located in Kent, Wa. This project incorporated the complete resources of the Evergreen Group. The overall project was to provide the customer with wireless coverage both internally and externally of the facility.


In preparation for the implementation, Laser Optimized Multi Mode Fiber was distributed through out the premises to multiple Intermediate closets originating from the Main Server Room. Once network elements were installed by the customers in house Network Group the installation of Structured Cabling to Wireless Access Points began.


The installation of the customer supplied Wireless Access Points presented numerous challenges as the facility incorporated Administration areas, Open warehouse, Production, Asset Distribution, and External Material Yards. The various environments included open architecture, drop tile, exposed beam, HAZMAT, building penetrations and external light pole mounts.


Using the full resources of the Evergreen Group to include Evergreen Technologies, Evergreen Power Systems and Airopath, a design was developed to meet the customers aggressive timeline. Upon completion of the project the customer now has the ability to not only provide wireless network coverage for the office use employees but can now employ asset management software in their vast storage areas, materials distribution orders to external loading areas and perimeter wireless coverage to parking and staging zones.